Here at Despatch Bay, we've made managing orders and delivery effortless for thousands of businesses for over 10 years. From eBay and Etsy sellers, right up to eCommerce businesses with their very own shops.

Since 2007, we have been integrating with your favourite marketplaces including Amazon and Shopify, and partnering with the UK's top couriers too - Despatch Bay brings everything you need to manage your orders and delivery into one place.

All of this is underpinned with our brilliant team! We pride ourselves on always being there for you, and also your customers, every step of the way should you need us.

Our Story So Far

Our story is just a few chapters in, but look how far we've come already.

We partner with our first courier, DHL and launch SaleTrack Parcel Service.
July 2009
Home to millions of sellers worldwide, eBay becomes our first marketplace integration.
October 2009
Despatch Bay is launched to the world with support for both UK and European services from DHL. Our easy to use API becomes available, allowing everybody to seamlessly integrate Despatch Bay into their own website.
June 2011
International services become part of Despatch Bay when DHL Worldwide joins, and we reach a total of 5,000 users.
September 2011
We pick Parcelforce to join our multi-courier solution.
March 2012
The better way to send large letters and small items is launched - Despatch Bay Packets. More international features become available when Parcelforce International are added to Despatch Bay.
March 2012
We choose another courier for their awesome services, Royal Mail.
November 2012
Despatch Bay becomes a one-stop-shop to manage your marketplace orders when we integrate with Amazon. For convenience, you can start dropping off your parcels at the Post Office.
August 2013
Despatch Bay reaches a total of 15,000 users
We open our second office, home to our Development and Creative Teams.
June 2014
We integrate with the largest open-source ecommerce platform, Magento.
September 2014
On top of the existing Goods in Transit cover, we introduce the option to add cover for a higher value. Easily import thousands of orders into a label queue with our new shipment uploader.
December 2015
Shopify is the latest platform to be added to our marketplace integrations.
April 2016
We integrate with Etsy, the world's leading 'maker marketplace'.
May 2016
We welcome DX to our partnered couriers.
April 2017
Customers can ship their PPI Royal Mail mail within Despatch Bay - keeping everything in one place.
April 2018
Even more peace of mind is given when our Goods In Transit Cover level is increased.
April 2019
Pre-populated CN23 forms are launched, saving our international shippers lots of time.
September 2019
We launch our very own Next Day delivery service, Despatch Bay Express.

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As you can see, we have come a long way since we started. But our focus on offering awesome features and services to our customers remains the same.

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