Right Here For You & Your Customers

We love it when things go as planned. But sometimes you, or your customers, might need assistance. That's why you can count on there being a friendly member of our team ready to lend a helping hand.

Rest assured, you will always talk to a real person – not those frustrating automated machines. We also always resolve queries as quickly and efficiently as possible, delivering the best possible outcome.

Helping Your Business

We communicate with couriers on your behalf, keeping you updated at all times. If your customers have any delivery enquiries, we answer them too.

Helping Your Customers

Being able to directly contact couriers, we can provide comprehensive answers to delivery enquiries and provide updates to your customers.

Always Ready To Assist

4 Second Pickup

Your time is important to you; we understand this. If you call our office, we aim to answer the phones within 4 seconds.

Online Support

If you're a registered user, you can speak to us via our online support system. With its threaded conversation history, it couldn't be any easier.

Customer Queries

Your customers can submit parcel queries via our contact form and we'll email them back directly. You won't need to lift a finger.

Claims Team

Sometimes things can go wrong and you might need to claim for a lost or damaged parcel. We have our own dedicated team ready to help.

Example Queries We Deal With

We deal with a range of queries; from courier collections from businesses to delivery questions from recipients.

"Can I change the address on a parcel I've just sent?"

"Can you let me know when to expect my parcel?"

"How do I get in touch with a courier?"

“…Previously before we came on board with Despatch Bay, claiming for courier negligence was precisely 0. […] Despatch Bay have specialists better than you are at persuading the couriers to actually front up to their responsibilities and make the payments.”

Julian Thompson, Director at Thompsons Ltd.

See how we can help you spend less time being the middle-man chasing up couriers, so you can get back to what you do best.

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