Find Out Despatch Bay Compares To Courier Contracts

The old-fashioned way to send parcels as a business involved locking yourself into contracts with couriers. We want you to know that Despatch Bay is truly contract and subscription-free.

Despatch Bay

  • The sky's the limit! Send as many (or as few) parcels as you wish.

  • Choose from 100+ multi-courier parcel services.

  • Use Despatch Bay whenever you like – suiting the needs of your business.

  • Rates are tailored to you as an individual; we ensure you're on the best rate every month.

Courier Contracts

  • Only send your agreed parcel volume – or potentially face additional charges.

  • Exclusively use only their services – this could result in needs not being met.

  • It's not easy to break free from a contract; you're stuck with those services until the agreement comes to an end.

  • Rates are not individually tailored, and they're fixed for the duration of your contract.

You can find out how our added-value features and dynamic rates deliver way more than courier contracts here.

“If you were considering using Despatch Bay, I would say don't hesitate in giving those guys a go. The customer service is exceptional and they really will make your life easy when it comes to despatching items.”

Will Nicholls, Business Development Director at Banana Moon

So there you have it, that's how Despatch Bay measures up against courier contracts. Are you ready to break free? Try Despatch Bay for free, no credit card details required.

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