Ecommerce Marketplace Integrations

Despatch Bay directly integrates with your favourite ecommerce marketplaces; automatically importing your new orders into one stream — Despatch Bay Orders.

Designed to save you time and stress, Despatch Bay Orders is super easy to use, making selling online easy.

It's a one stop shop for managing all your ecommerce orders.

1. Connect your marketplaces to Despatch Bay in matter of clicks.

2. Watch as Despatch Bay automatically imports your orders to one stream.

3. Search the best shipping rates and ship your parcels in seconds.

Yes, you can add multiple accounts from one marketplace and see those orders in the same stream too.

Seamless Shipping — From Start to Finish

Despatch Bay integrates seamlessly with marketplaces and carriers alike, making it easy for you to:

  • See when you have new orders — never miss an order again!
  • Select the perfect shipping service for your order from our extensive range, provided by our partner couriers
  • Add any additional cover, for higher-value shipments
  • Swiftly print all the shipping labels you need
  • Pin special shipments to your dashboard to keep an eye on their progress

All this from one location — you'll be breezing through your orders in seconds.

Au Revoir, Admin

You'll be pleased to hear that Despatch Bay Orders also takes away some of your administrative tasks.

Orders are automatically populated with delivery information, saving you the boring and time-consuming, but vitally important, data entry task. The same information can even be used to arrange returns — saving you more time if needed.

When you ship a parcel, we automatically update the order's status on the relevant channel and provide the tracking number. A great way to keep your customers informed and boost your seller rating — all without lifting a finger.

Example Picking List With a Label

Swift and Accurate Order Fulfilment

Despatch Bay Orders Picking Lists help you fulfil your orders much quicker whilst eliminating packing errors, giving you that all important customer satisfaction boost.

Packing Lists are printed with your label so you have all of the information you need to hand, including any order notes. Then, you simply pack your order, stick the label to the parcel and send it on its way.