Goods in Transit Cover

Goods in Transit Cover will ensure that your parcel is covered should it be lost, stolen or damaged during transit. If you were to encounter any of these problems with your parcel, you would be able to claim for the cost price of the shipment.

Many of our shipping services include a level of Goods in Transit cover at no additional cost:

  • Parcelforce Economy - £50
  • Parcelforce Express - £100
  • Parcelforce International - £100
  • Royal Mail - £100
  • DHL - £100
  • Despatch Bay Express - £25

For that extra peace of mind, why not take advantage of our Goods in Transit Cover for shipments up to the value of £2,000?

Do I Need Goods in Transit Cover?

You don’t have to use our Goods in Transit cover, it’s optional. It’s just there to provide you with extra peace of mind when you need it for your valuable shipments.

What Does It Cover?

All of our couriers have slightly different restrictions, but you can familiarise yourself with these using our handy guides when you create a Despatch Bay account.

How Much Does Goods in Transit Cover Cost?

The credit of each level of cover is listed next to its value when you’re shipping your parcel with Despatch Bay.

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