Our parcel collection service allows you to arrange collections in a way that suits you and your routine. Not only that, but there are some other great benefits to collections.

The two main types of collection that we offer are…

Ad-hoc Collections

Automatically book a courier collection for your parcels to be collected the very next day, quickly and easily.

Scheduled Collections

Set up a schedule to meet your needs. Whatever your schedule is, twice a week or perhaps daily, we have you covered.

Benefits of Parcel Collection

Doorstep Collection

Arrange to have parcels collected from any UK address. Whether its from your home, office or warehouse.

Consolidate Your Collections

When you use our packets or large letter services, you can consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment.

Convenient Away Collections

You can also arrange one-off collections from any other UK address; a great way to do returns or collect stock.

Is a parcel collection not convenient for you? Simply, drop by your local Post Office or courier depot.

Learn about Parcel Drop Off

Pro Tip
Great for Facebook Marketplace Purchases

Bought an item from somebody on Facebook? They might not know the best way to send it over to you, but with Despatch Bay, you can arrange for it to be collected quickly and easily.

Simply get the weight and measurements of the packaged item from the seller, including their address and email and you have everything you need to create a label. You can send the label over to them to print and attach to the parcel, then it's ready to be collected by the courier and delivered straight to your door.

Keep control over your schedule when it comes to sending your parcels. Arrange your first collection today.

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