eBay Order & Courier Management

Spend less time managing and despatching your eBay orders

If you send…

5 orders a day

you could save…

1 hour a day

…with Despatch Bay!

If you send…

20 orders a day

you could save…

4 hours a day

…with Despatch Bay!

If you send…

40 orders a day

you could save…

7 hours a day

…with Despatch Bay!

Centralised eBay Order Management

It only takes a few seconds to connect your eBay store to Despatch Bay; the perfect amount of time if you need to connect several stores.

There is no limit to the number of accounts you can connect or the number of marketplaces so you can add your Amazon ones too if you like.

Once connected, you will be able to view and manage all of your eBay orders from one, easy-to-use platform.

A Delivery Service For Every Occasion

We have delivery services for everything. From large letters to packets and then parcels - it's quick and simple to choose what you need!

Delivery time, price and standard cover can easily be seen for each service, and you can easily add additional cover if you need that too.

To save even more time, you can set your delivery service preferences for your items.

Clever Communication

We automatically communicate with your customers and your eBay store for you, and there is no need to worry about timing. We provide updates at just the right time, maintaining and boosting your seller rating.

Rapid Returns

To complete a return, you simply search for the order, the saved information is pre-populated, and then you hit "Email" to send your customer the label. Sorted!

For each of your orders, Despatch Bay stores important information, giving you streamlined returns.

Transparent Invoices

Do you find yourself comparing multiple invoices and triple checking costs? All prices are pulled into one straight-forward and transparent invoice - think how much time you will save!

Spend less time completing tedious tracking administration and sign up to Despatch Bay today.

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Reasons eBay Sellers Love Despatch Bay

There are many reasons why thousands of people love Despatch Bay, here are just a few:

Manage all marketplace and website orders from one location - both UK and international.

"Easy to integrate into your site and their platform is clear and easy to use making booking in parcels quick and easy."

- Brenden, Laptop Station

A dedicated support team, ready to answer all enquiries, including from your customers.

"…as a company when it goes wrong it goes wrong, and your customer will not forgive you for that unless you resolve that immediately. Despatch Bay will overcome those challenges for you and certainly give you that level of service you need."

- Will, Banana Moon

Access the UK's top couriers services, without signing a single contract. It really is easy to ship anywhere in the world!

"My price is already worked into everything. It is literally a tick in a box, print them off and that's it - that is so easy!"

- Colleen, West Barn Interiors

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