Etsy is the world’s leading ‘maker marketplace’ with 1.5 million active sellers, and over 21 million active buyers. Ship your orders seamlessly with our Etsy integration.

So, how does it work?

This integration is part of our totally awesome Despatch Bay Orders system. When you connect your Etsy account to Despatch Bay, we'll automatically import your new orders ready for shipping. Simply select an order, pick a shipping service, print your labels and a courier will collect your parcels from your door. Once the order is shipped we'll communicate with your Etsy account to mark the order as sent, helping you maintain your seller scores.

So in short…

1. Link up your Etsy store with Despatch Bay

2. Watch as your new orders are imported automatically.

3. Search for the best shipping rates for your parcels, packets and large letters and ship your items

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